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Hi everyone,

My name is Elizabeth, I live in London with my family. Now, enough about that, I am guessing you want to know more about why I have put together this website. I am the owner of Aldage store, a branch of my publishing company Aldage books publishing limited. Aldage stores provides a wider spectrum for me to engage and encompass my other life’s goals.

Well, what are my desires in life? I hear you ask.  I will begin by saying this, I  have a passion and a drive to live my life surrounded by people I love and beauty, using the best possible products and services I can afford,  to enhance my life and that of those I love.  So I decided to start blogging about the things that drives my passion for life, which led me to this.

There are not many things that move me in life, but the things that do, I am genuinely passionate about. Let’s talk creativity, I love creative minds in any regard or aspects of life. My creative juices flow towards writing, decorating, cooking, music, and gadgets any form of art. However, like I said, I love any creative minds. Which brings me to why I launched this site, to discuss, review, and give you an honest researched insight on products and services that I love.

Now, every creative person needs to have good health. Looking after one’s health does not only apply to the creative geniuses out there, we all want good health.  We want to get our hands on good products in the market at the best possible price to help us enhance our health and beauty.  Why? I ask. It’s because we all know that without a healthy life style, one can’t really enjoy life.

Therefore, I decided to research products and problems on health that we face daily to study and discuss the best or top 5 products, their pros and cons and give a general verdict,  and the rest “as they say,” is up to you. While also pointing you to where you can find it in the market. You are going to get researched honest reviews and my verdicts on the subjects listed below. As time goes on, many more fields will be added. Please feel free to add your comments on any topics that interest you, and guest blogging is also welcome here, just email me and we can get it going.

  1. Writing.
  2. Health.
  3. Music.
  4. Gadgets.
  5. Fashion.
  6. Interior decorating
  7. Food.
  8. General art. 
  9. Gardening.
  10. Recipes.


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