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I’d like to share my thoughts on books that I have had the privilege to read and if this is for you, why don’t you check these books out. Happy reading!


The Shrinking sea,
This book is about family dynamics and how they affect lives. It touches mostly on the lives of two sisters who have been raised in two different countries but long to see each other, although a lot had to happen in the life of the eldest Celeste before they could really truly become sisters.
Celeste, a girl born into a family that was torn apart due to no fault of hers when she was only aged four. She had to live her life with no father figure just her and her mother muddling through life. This situation somehow shaped her life and brought her more into herself, not willing to share her pain with her family not even the friends in her life.
Her father Armando, who regrets breaking away from his daughter but all the same, has to start life afresh away from the country his daughter lives. He marries again and had two children. His daughter from his second marriage Molly really wants to meet her elder sister living in America, whom she had never met before. They meet and all did not go as she had hoped.
What I really loved about this book is that everyone seems nice; there were no bitchy friends or family members. No matter what happened to them in this, and I loved how Celeste took the time to go visit her father and his new family and found that she felt more at home there. The sense of family members, meeting and celebrating life together and supporting one another every chance they got. I enjoyed reading this book and I am happy Celeste, her father and her sister got together again whatever else the future may bring. I give this book a four star.

Fear’s Union (The Age of Ku, #1)
by James Hockley

Where do I begin, this book in my opinion could have benefitted from a simple writing style, I love the voice of the author but I felt his choice of words were a tad too taxing that is just my opinion. While I understood what the author was saying, I prefer reading books which are not bogged down with descriptive words.
it does not take from the story itself, it just made it a struggle to get into at first. But once I started to understand and connect with the characters, I fell into a stride and I found myself turning page after page. The author crafted characters that you feel strongly for and keeps you wanting to know how their fate ends. Without writing a tell all and spoiling it for readers, there are lots of actions, fight scenes, mysteries, dragons and dark forces all in the mix here and I recommend this book to all fantasy lovers.
I was given a copy of this book for an honest review and I rate this book a four star.


Hart Broken (Cale & Mickey #1)

I love, love, love this book. It’s hard to find romance books written in such a way, you wouldn’t want to stop. From the moment I picked up this book, from the very first paragraph it had my attention and I knew I was going to like this one. The truth is I don’t like it, I love it, I love the authors writing style, it’s just what the doctor prescribed especially where romance is concerned.
Mickey and Cale, I could read about them all day long, each character well developed. I felt their love beating in my heart, I felt their lust and pain along with them, I was drawn into their world and got lost in it.
It’s just brilliant writing and that is why I have rated it a four, this book would have gotten a five from me but the swearing was too much. I don’t like conversations that begin and ends with swear words. There was just way too much swearing for my taste which pulled me out of the book sometimes. I do recommend this book to all romance lovers you will not be disappointed.
I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.


(Masterful #1) by Jesse Joren

Wow! Wow! Wow!
What can I say, this book left me breathless and seeking for more.
Hex, the kind of man you don’t want to meet but fantasize about anyway. The way he took charge of Eva, leaving her feeling vulnerable yet all he is trying to do, is to build her self-confidence. I see that he is trying to make her feel better about herself, desirable but has gone about it the wrong way.
The passion between the two, the way he worked her up, at the same time working up the reader. You want to hate him, in fact you hate Hex for taking her without her permission and at the same time you don’t want him to stop.
Phew! Will Eva fall in love with him? I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Delicious is the word for the book, applause to the author she had me from the very beginning, that it took all of an hour plus to finish the book.
All I can say is more please! Needless to say this one gets a full 5 stars.

Tinsel Time (Naughty or Nice? #2)

Where do I begin, if you take the time to read the synopsis, then you will know exactly what happens in the story.
So then I will get down to reviewing it. Personally, this is not the type of book I read, although this book has been beautifully written, I didn’t fall in love with any of the characters, Noah was too weak and Megan too needy in my opinion. At the beginning there were too many characters for me to get my head around and just when I thought I was starting to enjoy the book, I got to the bit with Jingle (Spencer) and Noah Spicer and it wasn’t to my taste and in my opinion went on for too long.
All in all, if you would like to get lost in a world of fairies fulfilling adult’s wishes then this book is for you. I gave this book a 4 star, because even though it’s not for me, it is well written.

Have You Seen This Girl? (Flocksdale Files, #1)
 Have You Seen This Girl? (Flocksdale Files #1)

I wasn’t sure I would like this book, Oh but I did. 5 stars all the way.
This book is definitely full of surprises, a lot of twist and turns.
There were times, which were a lot, when I was utterly shocked at the horrors that took place, and times when I yelled out in frustrations at the terrible decisions Wendi Wise made. Although she was only a child when she was kidnapped, drugged and made a sex slave against her will. While I understand the feeling of falling in love as a young teenager (We’ve all been there at some point.) and how one will do anything including lying to be with the one you love, this book reiterates why children should always be truthful with their parents and not go along with everything their friends tell them. Sometimes and quite often those closest to you are your worse enemy which was the case with Miss Wendi wise and her best friend Claire.
Although this is just a fictitious story, horrors like what happened to Wendi Wise are happening all around us in the world today. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away for anyone considering reading this book but I want to say that you will not be disappointed. I recommend this book to every parent, young teenagers need to read it so they are aware that sometimes one bad decision or submitting to peer pressure can completely alter the course of their lives and most of the time the outcome is never good.
My applause to the author, she is a real storyteller and I believed every word she wrote, I couldn’t put the book down and I look forward to reading her other works.

Past the Last Island- Revised Edition: A Misfits and Heroes Adventure

I found this book very intriguing. I loved the depth and richness to which the characters and their surroundings were described. There are many characters to this book, but the one that interest me most is Nulo.
At the beginning of the book my heart wept at the ill treatment he got from those who were meant to love and protect him but as the story moved along, I became somewhat delighted at his journey and how far he had come.
This book, tells of war, deaths of foes and loved ones, danger, storms, friendship, loyalty as group of people from different islands came together as a family in a bid to find a better place, they moved from island to island weathering the storms, making news friend, meeting new challenges. However, the question is, would they ever get to the place their hearts seeks and if and when they do, would they call it home, or would their hearts forever be longing for another place past the last Island. You have to read it to find out.
I truly commend the author Kathleen Rollins , for a job well done, I now feel as though I know the people that lived in this places 14,000 years ago, their joy, their hate, needs and their wants.
It’s was indeed an adventure and I can’t recommend this book enough. 5 stars all the way.

Dragon: Smuggler Tales

Adventurous Sci Fi Fantasy

I was not sure I will enjoy reading this book but oh boy! I did.
It made me laugh so much, reading through the different smuggler tales of Sillow the Sylvan Elf and his travel buddy Brok the Herkulum.
The book begins with tales from Sillow, borrowing the Dragon ship (A ship like no other) to escape Lord Bahlik and the boring duties he had been given. He wanted to live more adventurously traveling from one planet to the other undetected with the use of the dragon cloak. Meanwhile, lord Bahlik regarded his decision to take the Dragon without permission as theft and has made it his mission to see the Sylvan brought in for theft and punished for his crime.
Sillow,often out of luck always had a narrow escape and joined up with his buddy Brok to start the smuggling business. The aim is to make money while they are at it but each time, and each planet they visited was not without its troubles leaving them fighting for their lives and out of pocket especially because Brok the Herkulum needs money for his wedding tribute.
At the beginning of the book, I had thought that Sillow was a brave little solider, oh boy! I got that so wrong. He showed himself to be a funny womanizing poker playing coward with a heart for great things and it seems he never learned from his mistakes of thinking women were attracted to him. He is lucky though to have his buddy Brok to always help get him out of tight spots.
Each chapter is a different interesting smuggler tale, the only constant being Sillow and Brok still taking on jobs in a bid to make money.
The book ended with the smugglers on a mission to complete their last ever smuggling after battling through so much and still lucky to be alive it was a unanimous decision, to finish the mission and raise the much needed money for Brok’s wedding tribute, whether they make it and get the big pay out is unknown although I suspect given by their track records they didn’t but the author indicates that the story continues on the Dragon series part 2 and I personally will like to know what happens next.
I applaud the skilfulness of the story telling and I will recommend this book to anyone that has an interest for science fiction/ fantasy stories, you won’t be disappointed. Another 5 star.


Experiment (Hybrid, #2)
by Emma Jaye

I struggled to rate this book, off course because I read the first instalment, I was looking forward to reading more and seeing more budding romance transpire between Chesera and Lord Tenset.
I would say, I was not satisfied with the outcome that followed. Lord Tenset was not featured as much in this series as I would have liked. Chesera’s bodyguard Connor though seemed to get a centre stage in this one. While I understood he loved her in his own way, it did nothing for me to consider this book a romance novel. When Lord Tenset finally shared a scene between Chesera, it quickly deteriorated into him wanting to have his way with her and calling it looking after her. Knowing Chesera’s weakness, I struggled to see how what they do with her (Connor and Tenset) can be called love making. In some parts two to three men sharing a woman and not feeling any form of possessiveness and jealousy does not feel like true love to me. I can understand Chesera being an alien not having feelings like humans but Connor and Tenset are referred to as humans so that begs the question why? When I read romance books, I want to feel the gut wrenching, toe curling passion and affection that leaves me wanting more, I didn’t get that here.
That said, the book has been well written and that is why I have rated it 3 stars, had it been placed in another genre more appropriate to this style of writing, perhaps I would have been a little more generous with my ratings.
This book was given to me for an honest review.
Healing Journey
Healing Journey
I loved the simplicity in which the author portrayed her characters, that said I found the book a tad torturous, it just went on and on about the daily life of Kate Scot, the secret journal she found after her mother’s death, the murder investigation, secret her grandmother is unwilling to share with her and her relationship with her fiancée Jake.
I wouldn’t class this book a romance, it didn’t come across as that although, I liked how the author presented Kate and Jake’s relationship. I read books to learn more and to get out of the reality of the day to day life and I am sorry this one didn’t do that for me and that is why I have rated it a three.
This book was given to me for an honest review.
You Can Go Home Again
You Can Go Home Again
What a brilliant piece of work,
This story tells of the escapade three pet mice Molly, Cee Cee, and Wuzzy went through to make it back home after being dumped in the middle of nowhere.
I truly enjoyed reading this book, the author did a wonderful job of making me feel every emotions the three mice felt and I found myself particularly worried for their safety each time they met with a predator.
I would really love to see this book made into some animated cartoon for children and am sure adults too would enjoy it as I thoroughly did.
There is also a good moral lesson for children with regards to responsibilities to their pets. “You want it? you’ve got to take better care of it.”
All in all, a good read and I salute the author for writing this short and simple yet interesting story.




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