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5 Best Must Have Essential Oils.

5 Best Essential Oils that will glow your skin and grow your hair.

It is true, we all want to look great, but at what cost? Most of the products endorsed by celebrities, aren’t usually used by celebrities, the real product they use are usually too expensive for the everyday human to afford. With so many beauty products out on the market these days and prices hiking daily, and with many products claiming to be the new best thing that will cure aging, skin dullness and hair breakage. You may somewhat feel overwhelmed, unsure of which product to stick with and which product reviews to believe. The added pressure from social media and the constant postings and pictures of celebrities who look like they dropped out of the sky does not make things any better either. Most people feel the need to keep up with the latest beauty trend. If like me, you find yourself lumbered with so many choices and unsure of what best products to commit to in order to improve and maintain your general health, then these 5 best must have essential oils may help you in your journey to discovering a healthier life style and more beautiful glowing look.
I have narrowed it down to 5 best essential oils that will glow your skin and grow your hair without breaking the bank. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Vitamin E Oil.
Vitamin E oil, is an antioxidant that helps promote beautiful glowing skin and healthy hair. A lot of research has gone into the benefits of vitamin E, as a daily supplement and its benefits are enormous.

Vitamin E supplement, can be used as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of skin cancer, heart disease, cataract, blood clot formation, it also helps to get rid of free radicals in the body thereby helping to boost the immune system. Its many benefits are why most beauty products have vitamin E as a key ingredient to help slow down aging. Vitamin E oil, helps nourish the skin after exposure to the sun, to help heal and bring the skin back to its glory days. Of course, it must be mentioned that wrinkles are best avoided by limiting direct contact with the sun and wearing a good sunblock preferably a sunscreen containing Zinc. Its moisturizing abilities helps get rid of dullness, dryness, and itchiness of the skin. So, skins with eczema can really benefit from using both vitamin E supplement and oil, to help revive and rejuvenate their skin. It is also said to help revitalize dry hair when massaged onto the scalp, it increases the flow of blood and helps boost a growing and healthy-looking hair.
It is important to also mention that not everyone can use Vitamin E, as lovely as it is, some people do not react well to vitamin E, as a supplement or as a topical oil, so it is important to get it in other forms. Eating food and vegetables rich in vitamin E, like avocado, almonds, breakfast cereals, fish, vegetable oil, just to mention a few, is another way on ensuring that the body a good amount of the vitamin to help ensure a glowing healthy skin and hair.

2. Carrot Oil.

Carrot oil, is another moisturizing, antioxidant that has been said to not just be great at making your skin glow but it’s outstanding medicinal purposes in helping to prevent a variety of diseases makes it number 2 on our list of important oils to have in your home. What are the benefits of this oil, I hear you ask? Firstly, carrot oil has antibacterial properties which makes it a good option to use as an antiseptic to help fight infections in open can also be used as a preventive measure to fight against some forms of cancer, other research as claimed that carrot oil as been effective in curing stomach and mouth cancer when ingested. It also improves eyesight, detoxifies the blood and internal organs, kills unwanted intestinal worms especially in malnourished children and can also be used to soothe and calm nerves because of its aromatherapy qualities. The benefits of this very essential oil are huge.
For healthy hair, carrot oil is a really good oil as it contains both Vitamin E and A, it helps restore moisture into hair and scalp and prevents hair breakage, which helps retain length.
For glowing skin adding carrot oil to your daily cream or lotion, helps prevent wrinkles, and stretch marks, tones and brightens the skin giving it a youthful glow. It is very important to mention that has good as this oil is, it is not recommended for pregnant women as it contains vitamin A, which in high quantity is not good for the health of unborn babies.

3. Avocado oil.
Avocado oil is also an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in the body by lending the free radicals their electron and avoiding oxidative stress which can lead to diabetics and heart diseases. Avocado oil, contains a high amount of healthy fat, known as oleic acid, which benefits the heart a great deal. Some research has found avocado oil to be very effective in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and general eye sight improvement. It is also said to help improve joint pain, aid fast wound healing by speeding up cell regeneration, and, help fight gum disease by reducing tissue inflammation around the mouth, thereby preventing tooth loss.

Eating the fruit itself as been said to help improve general health and can aid weight loss with the right amount of exercise. Avocado oil can be used in your cooking as well, it is just as delicious as olive oil and will not go rancid, meaning it will preserve well. It is also known to help sharpen memory, putting a little avocado oil consistently into your everyday diet, will help your digestive tract digest food easily and can reduce complications such as blotting and gas formation.
Just like the carrot oil, the benefits of having this not so popular oil in your home are huge. Some beauty products use avocado oil to help maintain and improve skin glow. So, if you want to maintain a flawless looking skin adding avocado oil to your lotion will help as it contains potassium, lecithin, and vitamin E. These ingredients, protects your skin cells and helps regenerate new skin cells.
Massaging drops of avocado oil to clean scalp of damage and broken hair also helps reconstruct hair, leaving hair stronger and healthier. It also aids in fast regrowth. Avocado oil can be used on it’s own for this purpose or mixed with other oils, like carrot oil, vitamin E oil, jojoba oil and Olive oil for a healthier glowing skin and healthy hair.

4. Jojoba Oil.

Like the other three oils mentioned above, jojoba is another top 5 essential oil to have in your home. The benefits of using this oil to maintain a healthy life style cannot be mentioned enough. Unlike the other three, Jojoba oil should not be ingested, it’s mainly to be used as a topical oil to maintain a healthy skin glow and faster growing, stronger healthy hair. It moisturises the skin and help boost elasticity to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, it also helps revitalized sun burned skin, helping to speed up the healing and restoring moisture back to the skin. It’s antiseptic qualities, helps fight fungal, bacterial or viral infections such as dandruffs and nail diseases, eczemas, itchy and inflammations on the skin, scalp and nails.

5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Olive oil contains more than 70% of monosaturated fat, a fatty acid also known as Oleic acid, this is the good fat you want in your body. This Oleic acid, works well with your immune system to help reduce inflammation. Inflammation occurs as the body fights against unwanted pathogens. Olive oil is said to be a powerful antioxidant, it reduces cholesterol build up and the risk of blood clot which can lead to stroke and fights against heart diseases. Consumption of olive oil daily is so beneficial to general health and it does not cause weight gain, it helps improve brain function and fights cancer cells due to it’s powerful antioxidant nature. The benefits of having extra virgin olive oil in the house cannot be emphasized enough, as it can be enjoyed with a variety of delicious dishes, while it helps maintain a general overall healthiness.
For the hair, it helps seal in moisture, while keeping the hair strong and aiding regrowth, for the skin, it aids healing and facilitates a healthy glow, as it contains vitamin E and K. I must emphasize that to reap the complete benefits of this oil, you should only stick to extra virgin olive oil.

These 5 best essential oils are a must to have in your home, and of course there are more essential oils that didn’t make the list but are equally important and massively beneficial, such as coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, etc … to name just a few which will be discussed in a separate article. We’ve all heard of the saying “Beauty is pain.”, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” and so on. What that means in this case is that, if you are not disciplined in your beauty regime, no matter what area of your health you want improved, then you may not see any changes, nothing happens by magic, everything takes work. So work on using these oil as you require them daily, be consistent and you will surely start to see results and watch as your hair begins to shine and grow and your skin become silky and flawless with the aid of these 5 best essential oils.

5 Top Tips To Make Your Skin Glow

Everyone wants a smooth and flawless looking skin. No matter what your skin condition is, these 5 top tips will help you get that smooth flawless looking skin that will make you the envy of your peers.

However, there are a huge range of beauty products out there that promise wrinkle-free, pore less skin. But as we all know, it’s not very easy to find the product that actually helps to nourish our skin and correct the imperfections and damages we have incurred over the years through the use of these products and damages inflicted on us by the environment (Sun, weather). Finding the right skin care routine for your skin type, age and ethnicity can be very stressful.
This post is written  with all these in mind to help you get flawless skin. To learn more on how to make your skin glow (for every skin type), and create your own personal beauty regimen, click here. As you may already be aware, not everything can be covered in a post, so if you want to expand your knowledge on helping your skin glow or even learning to start your own beauty business then enrol here for skin care routines and treatments that works.

Where you  will learn about the skin’s makeup and composition,  to enable identify your skin type and how products and treatments work. You will learn how you can build your daily skin care regimen  for ALL ethnicities.
Find out why you get acne and how you can prevent it, plus homemade remedies for acne treatment that really work!
Also you will get great advice for acne scar treatments and procedures
How to take care of your skin all-year round, no matter the weather
How to make your own face masks, scrubs, and cleansers using natural products
And so much more!

Get ready to start glowing!

If you live in the west, where the sun is like a precious gem, then you know that when the summer  months come, we all get tempted to wear the smallest outfit available in order to soak in the sun. As lovely as the sun is, if one is not careful, it can dry out the skin and even do untold damage to one’s health. For those that live in tropical countries, these 5 top tips to keep your skin looking smoking hot, will help you gain a better tone, and give you a good healthy glow if followed right.

Okay, let’s get to it.

First tip. Exfoliate

The first thing to do, to get your skin looking supple is to  exfoliate, there are a lot of good soaps and creams out there that will help you get a good exfoliation.  Exfoliating is a must if you want your skin to glow and shine. When old skin cells pile up unchecked, it will leave your skin looking dull and dry. These, old skin, becomes dead skin cells  which then can result in excess oil and that will then clog your pores,  which then leads to your skin getting blemishes and acne.

You may want to start out with just your face, but if you want your whole skin looking flawless, then it is important to exfoliate from head to toe. Doing this 2-3 times a week, will help you get rid of dead skins and you will see and feel your skin become more even and soft to the touch. Try out products, read reviews, because you have to use the right product for your skin. I will list of 5 top online casinos exfoliant you can try out, based on the reviews of those who have used them including myself to help you make up your mind.

If you are using a cream, exfoliant with lactic acid as the active agent are best for sensitive skin and can help even out your skin tone. Always read reviews, they are important in helping you decide what product is best for you. If you want your skin to even out quicker then you may want to try exfoliant with glycolic acid. It is more harsher on the skin though so be warned.

5 Top Facial Exfoliator: For amazing results, these five facial exfoliators are one of the top exfoliators for  sensitive, normal, dry, and oilier skin. You are sure to find something that will help soothe your skin best and help even out your tone so that your skin can start shining and glowing.

 Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face – 1 oz:

        1.  Helps remove rough & dry patches– Accelerates skin cell turnover– Skin appears sleeker & brighter. Mix with a cleanser of your choice or warm water for best result.

        2. REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask: Smells great, it fights congestion, blackheads and blemishes for brighter, spotless, healthier and more youthful radiant skin. Ideal for mature skin

3.  Alpha-H Liquid Gold (100ml): Perfect as an overnight facial: It helps tobrighten and revitalise tired, ageing skin and improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, open pores and pigmentation. Recommended for mature, thickened, sun damaged skin or for any complexion that’s lost its vitality and youthful radiance.

4. Pixi Glow Tonic with Aloe Vera & Ginseng, 8 oz: For glowing complextion, it tightens and firms, sensitive,oily, normal, dry, dull, and aging skin.

5. ELEMIS Gentle Rose Exfoliator – Smoothing Skin Polish: Perfect for sensitive skin and smell great.

For all over body exfloliant:

2) Exfoliating Body Lotion – 12% Lactic Acid body lotion: Provides immediate moisture and gentle exfoliation.

3)Fair & White Savon AHA Exfoliating and brightening soap, Body Lotion, with AHa Brightening cream.

4)Best Organic Exfoliating Body Scrub – “Soothing Lavender”

5) Pure Body Naturals Coconut Milk Body Scrub with Dead Sea Salt, Almond Oil and Vitamin E for All Skin Type, 12 oz.

 Second Tip: Rebuild skin:

While exfoliating is essential for a youthful glow it is also important to skin build after exfoliating. Using a good moisturizer will help you achieve  just that.  As you scrub off dead skin, newer skin will appear, you need to allow the new cells time to rebuild that is why, exfoliation should be done 2 to 3 times a week. An aloe Vera based lotion  with shea butter and coconut oil are the go to creams to help give your skin a good balance. They also help revive sunburn if you have any from constant exposure to the sun.

Third Tip. Sunscreen:

Always use a sunscreen with SPF from 30 to 50. I cannot emphasize this enough, the sun as we all know can cause skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, discoloration etc so you see the importance of protecting your skin from the sun even on cloudy days ensure you have your sunscreen. Especially ones with zinc, as it deflects the sun from your skin.

Fourth Tip. Always limit your sun exposure.

Use a good cap or hat to keep the sun at bay, after putting on a good sunscreen to , bounce off the effect of the sun, it is important that while getting your tan on and a good much needed vitamin D,  you also need to be careful not to over  expose  your skin to the sun as it will probably destroy all the good work you’ve put into making your skin youthful. Also if need be on very sunny days, use an umbrella, your skin will thank you for it.
Fifth Tip. Use a good serum. Using a good serum such as snail or vitamin C serum will help your skin rejuvenate quicker, it helps even out skin tones, brighten and fight fine lines and makes your skin glow. For best result, use it at night or put your snail serum on as an overnight mask. There are very good Vitamin C serum out there, always read reviews before starting out a product. I have used quite a few  vitamin C serums and will be posting my reviews on each product soon. I have just started with the snail serums and creams and will allow a few weeks before posting reviews on those as well.
I hope all these tips will help you manage, rebuild and smoothen  your dull skin and make you youthful and hot all season long. Now remember to drink lots of water (Not more than necessary to ensure your body’s homeostasis is maintained), as beauty can only be achieved both inside and out, also there are vitamins that have antioxidants that when added to your regime will help you glow.
Don’t for get theses are just basic tips, for more in-depth knowledge on how to make your skin glow click here to enrol .


5 Quick acting stretch marks removal creams and oils

Let’s talk Stretch marks!

Stretch mark on mature woman stomach wearing blue jeans
Stretch mark on mature woman stomach.

Yes we are talking stretch marks,  those ugly lines that want to ruin our perfect bodies. I don’t know about you all but my perfect body was ruined by these monstrous lines when I was pregnant with my first child. I really did try then to avoid it then, I used creams and oils but still I wasn’t lucky enough to escape it. Now three babies after, and you can just imagine how those annoying marks destroyed my body.

For those of you like myself that cannot afford expensive laser treatments and have been dealing with this problem since your first pregnancy or since you gained or lost weight. Today we are going to take a look at the 5 best quick acting creams for stretch mark removals.  I am talking creams that you will begin to see working after a few days of use up to three months. We would also dive into home remedies for removing and reducing stretch marks.

I have researched through products that I have used and through other people’s reviews, the best creams available on the market and how quickly they work. I love products that boast of something and delivers quickly, so therefore, I will not be listing products that take forever before you begin to see changes. However, their are some products that work but have been manufactured for the patient in heart. These other creams have not made it to my 5 quick acting stretch marks removal cream, but I have listed five of them anyway just in case they interest you and you have the time to devote to it.

Okay Let’s dive in!

Top 5 quick acting stretch mark creams: (Click on the pictures for prices.)

Click image for price.

1. Strivectin SD:

First product in my top 5 is Strivectin SD. It is pricey but that don’t matter if it works right? Personally I have not used this one, but I’ve read good reports on it so far. It is said, that it works on both stretch marks and wrinkles. It was originally developed for stretch marks but it worked so well that it was also used to smoothen wrinkles, and many more creams have now been developed to fight wrinkles. Anyway, this post is not about wrinkles, so I will do my best to focus on the topic at hand.
The company’s slogan is “No empty promises here, More science. Less wrinkles.” I like that motto already, as I don’t have time and money to waste on a product that doesn’t deliver and gives false hopes. So I took my time and read different reviews and I must say the reviews are great. There were a few that said the product didn’t work for them but really we ae taking 1 out of 10. People commented on how quickly they started to see a positive change and how it does not only remove stretch marks but keep their skin looking young and feeling soft.
Verdict: I am crossing my finger on this one and really hope it delivers. I am going to order one and try it out and update this post as soon as I start seeing it’s positive effect. In the maintain time, don’t let me stop you from trying it out as well. If you have used it or are going to try it out like myself, please drop a comment and let us know how it’s worked for you.
Click image for price

2. Nature’s design effective Stretch Mark & Scar Fading Cream – Reduces Pregnancy Stretch Marks & Fades Scars, Fine Lines & Wrinkles.
Well this one is cheaper than the first two and by the looks of it, 88% of about 219 people rated it a five star. The catch is that you have to stick with it, and then suddenly one day you will find that the ugly scar is gone. If you are on a budget and are desperate for a good cream to those ugly marks, this may be the product for you.

3. Bodi Merry Stretch marks and scars: (Click image for price)
People are literarily posting images online of how great and how quickly this one works. It can be used to prevent, and remove stretch marks and scars what’s more it is fast acting. You can start seeing results if religiously applied from about four days! Isn’t that amazing! It is also reasonably priced, it’s no wonder people flock to use it. I will definitely be trying it too as I am excited by all the reviews I have read on this one. Follow this link to get yours now.
(Click image for price)
4. Stretch Mark Remover Synergy – 100% Natural Therapeutic Remedy – Anti Scar and Stretch Marks Removal for Maternity and Weight Loss: Well this oil definitely looks like it works and it is fast acting as well, when used regularly. One can starts seeing results of fading in as little as 3 days. No to me that is fast acting.
(Click image for price)
5. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula: Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks with Vitamin E and Shea Butter Women Body Lotion, 8.5 Ounce: This product really does work and it acts fast as well as you can definitely start seeing results from at least 7-10 days. Only problem is that it the scent is too sweet for those that are pregnant and have their hormones all over the place. It is a great product for both preventing and removing of stretch marks when used consistently. It worked great during my first pregnancy, my scars literally faded to nothing, then I stopped using it and it was the biggest regret of my life as large road maps appeared on my skin.

List of 5 Other stretch mark creams that didn’t make it to the top 5

Click image for price
1. Mederma: works but you need patience, could take up to 3-6 months to see major reduction in your lines. Still a good cream but not fast acting enough.

Click image for price

2. Best Stretch Mark Cream – For Prevention and Removal of Old or New stretch marks: Well they say this one works by reducing the colour of the marks. The stretch mark does not completely fade, so if that is all you are after then perhaps you want to give it a try.
(Click image for price)
3. Talika Zero Stretch mark: I don’t know if anyone out there has used this product, but all I can say is that it does not deliver on the “zero stretch mark” slogan but it definitely reduces the look. So yes, it gets pass mark for fading. That said, I am basing this review on a 28-day use, perhaps the longer it is used the better the results but like I said earlier, I am not for products that take too long to work. I am impatient that way. I know we have to be patient, and I am seriously working on that but for the price of this product, all I can say is that I expected more.
(Click image for price.)
4. Mama Belly Butter 8oz– Organic Decadent Cream Helps Prevent Stretch Marks: If we were discussing stretch marks prevention, then this lovely yummy cream would have made it to the number one spot. Still I wanted to include it in this post for those in search for a good quality cream that will banish itchiness and prevent those ugly monstrous lines from destroying your bodies.
(Click image for price.)
5. Stretch Mark Butter & Itch Soothing Butter – Best Natural & Organic Ingredients – Itch Relief Cream – Stretch Mark Cream – Scar Cream – Pregnancy Oil & Pregnancy: This product will probably work in the long run but it’s too slow to make it to the top 5, but as I said earlier just because it is on this list does not mean it does not work. However, as the title of this post is quick acting creams, I hope you understand why it made this list. If any else as used this cream and will like to comment on its usefulness next, please do so, all comments are welcomed.

5 Home remedies you can apply on your skin to banish stretch marks.
Now as we have learned, all these creams only work well when religiously applied, same principle applies here with these home remedies. I did my research and came up with this 5 remedies. If you are on a budget and can’t afford the other creams above, this home remedies are good alternatives.
1 Apricot
Apricot scrub, can be used to rapidly remove stretch marks or Apricot mask, crushed apricot without seeds, applied on the stretch marks twice daily for 4 weeks.
2 Oils,
Olive, rose or chamomile, lavender or almond oils, can be mixed together or used individually to fight stretch marks when used at least three times a day.
3 Lemon
Cut the lemon in half and apply the juice on the affected area, for quicker results, lemon juice and cucumber can be mixed together to get rid of those ugly marks.
4 Egg whites
Separate the yoke from the whites, beat the whites and apply to the affected area for a quarter of an hour. Do it every day and watch those marks fade away.
5 Aloe vera gel: Apply the gel on the stretch marks preferable before bed to allow it to sink in and work. Aloe vera is known for its production of collagen which helps heal the skin.

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5 Top Food for Quick Weight Loss

5 top food for quick weight loss.


I am not suggesting crash diets that are unhealthy and only last for a short-term and then you pile on the weight again. I am talking about diets that will become a lifestyle if you choose to adopt it.
What diet is good for you? Which ones are bad for you?
Just like accounting and being good with your money, where you must not spend more money than you bring in, losing weight is just like that. To lose weight you must not consume more you can burn. To ensure you lose the weight quicker, you have to be disciplined in your approach to food, simply put, eat less and burn more calories.
The average man needs 2500 calories a day to maintain his current weight and the average woman needs 2000 calories a day to maintain their current weight. So cutting down on calories intake by ten percent will help reduce and shed those piles quicker.
We are going to discuss and look into 5 top food for quick weight loss. Food you already have in your cupboards that you will now look at differently and if incorporated in a healthy way to help burn the bad fat in your body and help you lose weight quicker.

Let’s now discuss 5 top food for quick weigh loss.
I am talking about food you can incorporate into your diet to ensure you are constantly burning unwanted fat every day.
First of all, I have put together a list of food and drinks that will help you burn fat daily but I am only going to discuss five that I have personally tried and still using.
1. Lemon
2. Garlic
3. Fish oil
4. Scorching pepper
5. Ginger
6. Cranberry
7. Cinnamon
8. Protein (Lean meat, chicken etc)
9. Quinoa
10. Coconut oil
Now let’s get into the 5 top food for quick weight loss and how to use it.

Lemon water with fresh lemons and green plants
Lemon water with fresh lemons and green plants

Lemon is full of vitamin c, squeezing a whole lemon or mixing drops of lemon into warm water and drinking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or at least thirty minutes before breakfast will kick start your day by burning unwanted fat in your body.
Lemon water helps detoxify the liver which in turn allows your liver to metabolise fat quickly. Why warm water, heat generally burns fat so combining warm water with Lemon is kind of doubling the effect. I have been doing every day and I have seen a great result with a quick reduction in my belly fat.


Still life of healty ginger tea
Still life of healthy ginger tea

Ginger is thermogenic and it helps digestion, meaning it increases body temperature which in turn helps burn body fat quickly. Incorporating ginger into your diet is essential in quickly shedding weight, drinking ginger tea during the day time can also serve as a detox. It also helps calm the tummy at night while burning fat away. You will notice that you will lose a lot of water retention around the belly once you begin drinking ginger tea. To make the ginger tea, you need lemon, honey, water and off course ginger. To learn how to make ginger lemon tea, please follow this link.

Garlic is essential to fat burning, apart from that, it also good to have garlic in your diet over all. It contains vitamins C and B6, manganese, selenium and other antioxidants. As it helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, it also produces a modest reduction in cholesterol levels, also eating garlic may lower the risk of colon, prostate, oral, ovary or renal cell cancers.
That said, fat cells are primarily composed of adipose tissue which is body fat, without getting into the science of it, studies have shown that garlic helps inhibit pre fat cells from turning into fat cells which becomes body fat. So before the fat cells begin to form, eating garlic helps put a stop to it which means quicker weight loss. Some people have found that eating raw garlic is far beneficial for body health as a whole. I have tried this and I say it works. If you can’t eat raw garlic, I will advise going for the supplement instead. You can read more on the benefits of garlic by clicking here.
Here is a list of Garlic supplements.

Enzymatic Therapy Garlinase, 100 Enteric-coated Tablets

BRI Nutrition Odorless Garlic – 120 Softgels – 1000mg Pure and Potent Garlic

Kyolic Garlic Formula 103 Immune Formula (200 Capsules)

Scorch or Hot Pepper:

food series: red hot pepper on black glassy plate
Red hot pepper.

Spicy food boosts the body temperature because of it thermogenic effect which in turn results in a lot of fat burning. Red peppers contain different levels of capsaicin, therefore, some peppers are hotter than others. Habanero pepper has the highest amount of capsaicin but cayenne pepper too can be a good choice for weight loss. Add as much spice as your body can tolerate into your diet to continuously and quickly burn fat.


Close up on bowl of cooked quinoa grain on white background
Close up on bowl of cooked quinoa grain on white background

This ancient grain is a nutritional powerhouse, chock-full of protein, amino acids, and vitamins. It contains high quantities of Vitamin B12, which is essential in converting food (Carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose) which produces energy, in turn burning fat. Vitamin B12 is an especially important vitamin for maintaining healthy nerve cells, and the production of the body’s genetic materials (DNA & RNA). Quinoa is also high in protein and fibre which helps makes you feel full for longer periods, and it is very low in calories which means you can eat as much of as you want. A serving of Quinoa, contains only 172 calories, if you like, you can have two servings and still be in good shape.

We are going to look at some of the popular diets out there and discuss their pros and cons.
5 popular diets Details Cons Pros Verdict.
Detox diet: claim that it cleanses your body of toxins while restricting you from eating nutritious food that are good for your body. I have tried it, and all I achieved was an increased temptation to want to eat more. It is not achievable on the long run. The lack of food, brings dizziness, headaches and the body will lose essential vitamins needed to function well. Some of the detox diet out there actually have ingredients that help burn fat. Our bodies need healthy food to function properly so just adopting detox diet alone won’t work. Keep reading and I will explain how one can incorporate detox dieting healthily.
5.2 diet: Is based on the alternating fasting principle, 5.2 diet allows eating normally for five days and fasting for two days. It is also claimed to help develop brain function and help improve health.

Cons: There is the tendency to over eat on the days you are not fasting. Also on fast days, there will be tendency of feeling irritable which can have a big effect on concentration.

Pros:  Fasting for two days seems more attainable and the body loses more fat on those days.

Verdict: Doing this will is a good way to lose weight but it is best if the help of a good dietitian is consulted or a good book written by a dietitian.
Dukan diet: Very high in protein, low intake of carbohydrate. Protein rich food like fish, eggs, chicken and fat free diary and lean meat should be consumed during the first phase for five days. Which will help in dropping weight quickly. The next stage, sees the slow introduction of carbs and fruits and vegs.

Cons: One can experience constipation and nausea from lack of carbs, bad breath, insomnia and dizziness from following the plan during the first phase.

Pros: No need to count calories, you can eat as much as you want as long as you follow the strict intake of protein calories.

Verdict: Quick weight loss can be gained following this diet but is unhealthy to follow a plan that cuts out other nutritious food that your body needs. It is always important to follow a health balance diet.
Paleo diet: It is based on only eating food that can be hunted, fished and gathered. It is a caveman’s approach to eating. Meaning any processed food is not allowed. Wheat, refined sugar, salt etc. are not allowed.

Cons: It’s not for the vegetarian, it can be expensive to follow as food high in protein are highly priced, Also, some versions of the paleo ban dairy products which should be included in a healthy eating plan.

Pros: It encourages healthy organic eating of fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs and lean meat. While cutting out over processed food and food with high calories. This in turn helps loss weight.

Verdict: Life without variety is pretty boring, eating the same thing over again may not make the diet sustainable in the long run.
New Atkin’s diet: The Atkin’s diet is much like the Duncan diet. High intake of protein rich diet, very low carb and no control on fat for the first 2 weeks. Then a gradual reintroduction of carbs and exercise to encourage and maintain your weight.

Cons: The lack of restriction on fat can lead to an increase in the risk of getting heart disease. Also bad breath, dizziness, dry mouth and constipation are all bad effects of following the new Atkin’s diet.

Pros: This includes eating red meat, cheese, mayonnaise, butter which can be appealing to men and it also helps shed weight quickly.

Verdict: The amount of processed meat, cheese and butter consumed is a cause for concern. However, the initial rapid weight loss is be tempting enough for people to follow it.

List of good dietitian books to help you with your diet.

The New Abs Diet for Women: The Six-Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life.

Current quick weight loss diet programs to check out:
Lean Belly breakthrough.
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3 week diet program
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Popular Weight Loss slimming pills.
Garcinia Cambogia and Colon Cleanse Detox Combo Pack Colon Cleanse Herbal Detox by Nutravita – UK Manufactured. Vegetarian Friendly Garcinia Cambognia with Raspberry Ketones.

NatureWise Clinically Proven Super CitriMax Garcinia
Cambogia with 4x Greater Fat Burning & Weight Loss
Plus Appetite Control, 500 mg, 180 count ,

Diet Whey Protein Shakes, 5 x Fat Burners For Maxi Weight Loss & Optimum Nutrition For Muscle, Men & Women.

Now that we have looked at some of the popular diets out there we can safely say that a good diet needs to be comprising of a well thought out healthy balanced diet that can still help you achieve a quick weight loss. Therefore, I have researched books by dietitians that can help you follow a good diet that works for you without putting your health at risk. To read more on other popular diets out there please follow this link. 
5 Simple tricks to adopt to maintain your weight even when on a diet.
Sleep: Insufficient sleep affects your appetite which in turn affects your fat cells. This is how it goes, when you stay awake, your body starts to crave food, once you give in to your cravings you pile on more weight. By the time you make it to bed, you are not able to sleep well because your body is not relaxed and cannot burn the food you just consumed. Therefore, increasing your weight gain and decreasing your overall body health. The body needs about 7 to 9 hours of sleep to function well.
Eat small portions: 6 small portions rather than 3 big ones to boost metabolism. Eating more often, but smaller meals can boost your metabolism, helping you lose weight almost effortlessly. Don’t skip breakfast eat a mix of fresh fruits, protein and whole grains, when preparing your breakfast. No soda, no fizzy drinks for effective and quick weight loss. Use multivitamin if you are on a diet to help gain lost nutrients.
Don’t skip meals: skipping meals can slow down your metabolism, which, makes weight loss process very slow. Your body is an intelligent machine it will adopt to whatever you do to keep you alive, skipping meals means telling your body there is a famine therefore, your body begins to hoard fat rather than burn it. Also, if you skip meals, the temptation to overeat will become even more.
7day diet plan: Have a plan, that works for you, eat slower to trick your brain
Smaller plates: Eating with smaller plates tricks your mind so you are not tempted to eat too much.
8 glasses of water: Drinking water and cutting out alcohol and sugary drinks will also cleanse out toxins and help boost your metabolism, while keeping you full and helping your skin and hair shine and grow.

Conclusion, combing fat burning food with a health diet will help you keep the weight off you. So when choosing a diet, take your time and chose one that will serve you in the long run. Adopt it and make it a life style, that way, you will keep your good shape for life.
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Best Cellulite Reduction Treatments.


Cellulite at woman buttocks isolated on white
Cellulite at woman buttocks isolated on white

Cellulite treatments: Do they really work?
Let’s get into it, what works? What doesn’t?
Below are some questions you are hoping to find answers to, you may want to know how soon is it advisable to start preventing cellulite, and what treatment creams, procedures or treatments are best weapons for prevention or reduction.
Perhaps you are searching for Kindle Books on cellulite that explain how to manage, reduce and control cellulite development.
The real question we should ask is this: Are there treatments proven, that will completely eradicate cellulite?
Hence the title, best cellulite reduction treatments. I use the word reduction and I will ask that you read on, and soon  you will get it.
If you are in search of a solution for your cellulite problem,  and you are confused about what your next step should be when it comes to dealing with cellulite, then read on.

Before answering all these questions, we need to understand the problem and what causes it.

What is Cellulite?

They are fatty deposits, trapped on the topmost layer of the skin, usually the thighs, and the buttocks area in women. These fatty deposit result in the dimpling and lumpiness of the area it is dumped. Other Medical name by which Cellulite is known are adiposis edematosa, dermopanniculosis deformans, status protrusus cutis, and gynoid lipodystrophy in the medical field and as orange peel syndrome, cottage cheese skin, hail damage, and the mattress phenomenon in colloquial language.
Causes: There are different causes that may explain the development of cellulite in a person. It is important to know that cellulite only occurs after puberty, and can be found in both male and female. Although the percentage is higher in females because of the type of fat and connective tissues. These causes include.
1.Hormones: It is believed that hormones such as oestrogen, insulin, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones, and prolactin all play a part in the cellulite production process.
2.Genetics: Genes can also influence the development of cellulite e.g. Race, gender, rate of metabolism, etc.
3.Nutrition: ingesting large amount of fat, carbohydrates, salt without a proper balance with fibre may result in large fatty deposits which causes lumpiness to the skin.
4.Lack of exercise and poor Healthy lifestyle: Sitting or standing in a position too long, and smoking can also result in cellulite development
5.Undergarment: Wearing tight undergarments may result in a blood flow problem which can also cause the development of cellulite.
You can read more on the causes of cellulite here!

3 different grades
1.Grade one shows no symptom but a thorough microscopic examination, will reveal fundamental bodily changes.
2.Grade two cellulite shows paleness in the affected skin, decreased elasticity, reduced temperature and a thorough microscopic examination, will also reveal fundamental bodily changes.
3.Grade 3 shows visible bumpiness and lumpiness to the skin along with all of grade 2 signs.

Now that you understand the problem and how it develops, we then need to look at solutions. I am not going to lie to you, there is not one treatment out there that can boast of a cure but there are programs you can engage in to avoid further development or to temporarily stop its occurrence.

Below is a list of 5 top treatment Programs for Cellulite
The Celebrity Thin Thighs Program
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Burn The Fat 7-day Body Transformation Quick Start Program
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Cellulite Free Forever
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How Do I Get Great Legs – Cellulite Banishing Program
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Brand New “primal” Beauty Offer For Women
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Now let’s talk treatments

 As you know, Cellulite, is a common problem in women, many women have been searching for products that truly work and are inexpensive. Many pharmaceutical companies have recognised the desire and demand in women to eliminate this problem, therefore, over the years there have been many products brought to the market all claiming to be the solution to this widespread problem in women. I have provided many of these links to make it easy for you to navigate and narrow down the one that is right for you.

To truly know which is which, one person cannot make judgement on the effectiveness of a particular treatment because we all have different body composition, which means that our bodies respond to the chemical compositions of this treatments differently. To help you further, I have comprised a list of cellulite treatment product being used to combat and banish cellulite.  The advantage to using the products out there is that they combine fighting cellulites with shaping and sliming the affected area.

List of bestselling
Cellulite reduction treatment products out there!



Tripollar Pose Cellulite Removal Fat Reduction StomachTightening (Black)

Lalune Naturals Seaweed Powder, 8oz  by La Lune Naturals $12.95

 Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream – Cellulite Cream w Caffeine + Retinol + Seaweed; Firming & Toning Gel – Use Solo or as the Perfect Companion w Massager, Brush, Scrub, Roller or other Remover Treatment by Body Merry $17.99

 Ska Direct® Cellulite Massager Brush Mitt, Anti Cellulite Remover, Reduce Cellulite, Cellulite Brush, Remove Cellulite, Cellulite Cure, Anti Cellulite Treatment, Cellulite Reduction, Cellulite Removal, Lose Cellulite, Anti Cellulite Roller to Be Used with Cellulite Cream or Cellulite Oil. (Green)
by Ska Direct $8.50

 Cellulite MD by CELLULITE MD $77.77

Revitol REDUCE CELLULITE LOTION Cellulite Removal Cream Lotion 4oz by Pacific Naturals $25.95

Revitol Cellulite Reduction Cream – Reduce Appearance of Cellulite, Get Rid of Cellulite Dimples ~ 3 Tubes by Revitol $59.95

Award Winning & Best Selling Anti Cellulite Cream/ Skin Firming and Skin Tightening Treatment- Luxe Spa Formula № 33 (8oz. bottle)
by Luxe Spa Formulas TM

Delfin Spa Heat Maximizing Capris & Anti Cellulite Cream, Black/Black, Small

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control** NEW, 6.9 oz by Continental Cosmetique $46.38

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control 400ml/13.9oz by Clarins $78.29

Lose 1 Inch in 1 Hour of Belly Fat -PROVEN RESULTS- ReduxCell Paris Anti-Cellulite Gel with Double Caffeine + Hyaluronic Acid + Sea Grape -Firming Gel and The Best Cellulite Remover.

Anti-Cellulite Cream – Best Treatment for Smoothing and Firming Skin with Caffeine and Shea Butter, Paraben FREE – Made in USA by One Body Skincare $26.95

Bodishape Cellulite Cream with Retinol and Caffeine – Guaranteed Fast Acting Body Firming Treatment
by JDT International

Murad Body Care Firm and Tone Serum, 2: Treat/Repair, 6.75 fl oz (200 ml)
by Murad $39.50


Here are 5 Cellulite reduction treatments.


Treatments: There are no treatments out there that can boast of permanently removing cellulite, but there are creams one can use to manage the condition. List of cellulite treatment creams

1. Laser Treatments: The use of a laser energy means that the device used melts fat under the skin, breaking up the fibrous bands under the skin, and encourage collagen production.

Female client gets slimming and cellulite therapy with laser at professional beauty clinic.
Female client gets slimming and cellulite therapy with laser at professional beauty clinic.

 2.  Surgical Treatment: The surgical removal of fat deposit from the body: Liposuction, however, take out deep fat, but not cellulite, which is just beneath the skin and it is warned that it may actually aggravate the look of the cellulite by creating more depressions in the skin.

3.Pharmaceutical treatment: methylxanthines (caffeine and theobromine), Pentoxifyllin, beta-agonists and adrenaline, alpha-antagonists, amino acids, ginkgo biloba, rutin, Indian chestnut. These vitamins and minerals are injected into the tissue just beneath the skin the process is known as Mesotherapy. It may break down fat and bring a slight improvement in the appearance of cellulite. But it also carries risks, which include swelling, infection, and irregular contours.

mesotherapy gun therapy for cellulite doctor with woman leg thigh
mesotherapy gun therapy for cellulite doctor with woman leg thigh

4.Physical Therapeutic Treatment methods: Such as, pneumatic massages, massages that stimulate lymphatic flow, heat therapy, ultrasound, radio frequency therapy, magnetic therapy, radial waves therapy, endermologie (is a deep massage therapy done with vacuum suction so that the skin and subcutaneous tissue (dermis and some fat) is kneaded into a rolling device while negative pressure holds the skin in the rollers.)  Electrical stimulation. These methods may have a temporary effect on the appearance of the skin, however, they do not remove the cellulite.

anti cellulite massage close up
anti cellulite massage close up

 5 Coffee Scrub: Caffeine helps in the lymphatic drainage and smoothing of the body, it is said that using Caffeine to exfoliate helps shrink fat cells and tightens the skin when applied topically. Massaging the caffeine into the skin helps increase blood flow. Click here to learn how to make your own coffee scrub. Also  for more information on how to use Coffee grounds at home and in your garden, click here

Cellulite busting products. Anti-cellulite cosmetics with caffeine. Jar of cream with spoon of coffee essential oil, coarse sea salt and natural body scrub surrounded by coffee beans
Cellulite busting products. Anti-cellulite cosmetics with caffeine. Jar of cream with spoon of coffee essential oil, coarse sea salt and natural body scrub surrounded by coffee beans.

 In conclusion, as you have read, you will find that as of yet, there are no permanent treatment for permanently eradicating cellulite, however, it can be managed with the use of good creams, massage therapies, regular exercise, good healthy diet, avoiding toxic food such as white flour, packaged snacks, sugary drinks, processed meats.  Another recommendation would be to start the use of these creams and healthy lifestyle early as cellulite seems to occur after puberty. I used the phrase cellulite reduction treatment as title because all we can do at best is to temporarily reduce the development. There is no cure as of yet but with a good constant management regime, you will have a fighting chance of banishing cellulite. All in all, I will encourage you to use caution when deciding what treatment to use to manage this condition and consult your doctor for best results. 

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