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5 Best tips to perfectly choose your rug

5 Best Tips to perfectly choose your rug.

Designing your home should be fun, not only that, when you are done, your interiors should be a conversation starter. Therefore, it is very important to think about the pieces you will be adding to your designs.   It doesn’t matter if you want to start designing because you have a home makeover project or you are considering doing this as a business.  There are many things such as remodelling, decoration, refurbishment and simple repairs  that can transform your space into your dream home. Also, there are many steps to consider before designing, for example, how much space you have for the design you have in mind, what step or element you will first consider that will help tie in your chosen features so that nothing is clashing and how to personalise features in your building with your chosen design. All this and many more will be discussed in later post. Before we get into it, if you are considering design projects for your home or you want to change path in your career then you may want to click here for discounted courses in interior designs.  Where you will get a through education on interior designs  with more than 80% savings, and you can learn at your own pace.

This post is on 5 best tips to ensure you have the perfect rugs. I am assuming at this stage you have already completed most of your design and this bit is about adding statement elements and final finishing that will shout out your talent.

Rugs are not just something to step on, and help cushion your feet, they can also be a statement piece, that brings warmth to any room, and help tie all your interior designs together so that they all sing in harmony.
Now let’s begin, depending on the stage of your project, if you have everything else in place, then getting the perfect rug shouldn’t be hard.

1 Use your cushions:

You can pick out the colour for your rug based on the colour of your cushions. If the cushion is patterned, then choose a rug that is not so busy and vice versa. If your cushions are plain, then go for a patterned rug and keep everything else neutral so that the rug can shine and become the focal point. You can still add a few patterned accessories like vases, wall arts to lift your space but be careful not to overload with too much patterns. For kitchens and bedrooms, ensure you use neutral colours on your walls and cupboards so that when you do introduce a patterned rug whatever the colour, it will take centre stage.

2 Decide with your curtains:

Pick a colour from the curtain, if your curtain is patterned then it is advisable to choose a bold colour from the curtain, when deciding the perfect rug for your project but do not forget to ensure that your rug isn’t heavily patterned. If your Curtain is plain, then go for the full works and make that rug the centre of attention.

3 Let your sofa help you:

Same as the curtains and the cushion, you can pick out the perfect rug for your project based on your sofa. Some people like to use the same colour of the sofa for their rugs to stay safe, if they aren’t sure what to do. That can be boring, and if you must use the same colour, go for a different shade. If your sofa is darker in colour, use a lighter shade of the same colour for your rug and vice versa. There are a few exceptions to that rule, don’t use red on red, white on white, or black on black as you cannot get the contrast that will make your design pop out like it should. If you must use black, red or white, then go for patterned rugs to create contrast and style. If you have a patterned sofa, then keep the rug simple. If you wish to add the same colour of sofa to your rug, then consider adding other colours in your sofa collection to soften the look.

4 Your Walls can help too:

Keep the walls neutral if you are looking to make your rug into a statement piece, I have said this in other examples. If you must have colours on your walls, then pick quiet colours, like deep grey, navy blue, they are strong colours but will help boost your design when it comes to choosing the right rug and keep everything else simple. You could also stick to neutral colours on your walls and use wall arts to accessories and add colours that tie in with your chosen rug.

5 Size Matters:

Size matters when deciding the perfect rug for any room, Larger rugs that allows all your furniture to rest comfortably can give the illusion of space and help define your space, especially if you have an open plan design. This should be applied also in any room, whether dinning room, sitting room or bedroom or office space.

Here are a few inspirations for you.

Conclusion: With this amazing tips you will be able to put together any room and find the perfect rug for any design project. Remember, this applies to any room you are looking to create. I hope you find these tips helpful and I wish you a fun time designing your space. And if you are wanting more professional help to help you start your design business or just for personal knowledge why not click here  and choose a course you desire, you won’t regret you started.


 5 Top Tips to Style out any Hallway.

Oceanfront Cottage
Is your hallway tired looking, dark, and cluttered? Are you looking for ways to spruce it up so that your hallway will impress your guest and  regain style. Well, look no further, we are going to dive into must have’s to create drama and make your hallway the talk of the town.

Your entrance hallway is the first place your visitors are going to see once they enter your home. Your hallway, gets so much traffic that it is important to not only make it a stylish welcoming place for your home but also a place where dirt from shoes and clutter are not dumped.
Your hallway speaks volumes about your house, you can know a cluttered house from the way the hallway is presented. Also if you are greeted with a beautiful hallway, it sums up the impression you give of the rest of the house because you know that if the hallway is very well presented then the rest of the house must be great. We are going to discuss ways to liven a dark entrance and make it more impressing, each tip discussed should be used with your personality and personal style in mind so your entrance speaks true to you.
If you have been dealing with a cluttered hallway, or a tired dreadful hallway and you are looking for ways to make your entrance grander, stylish and welcoming, then keep reading because I am going to share with you 5 must have tips to style out your hallway.
We are going to look at making the most out of a small entrance hall and getting the best out of a bigger entrance hall.
If you have a narrow entrance, and you can’t really do much with it because of the space, or even if you have a large entrance way the first must have to style out your hallway is,
1. Mirror: Mirrors create a classic statement and gives a dramatic impact. Mirrors also reflect light which  makes your hallway seem bigger if you have a narrow entrance. Not only that, having a mirror at the entrance functions well to your favour as you can always have one last look at yourself to ensure everything is in place before dashing out.
If you have a bigger space to play with, the better, placing a dramatic mirror as the main focal point of your entrance will add drama and beauty to your space. Not only that if you have arts or pictures on the wall, the mirror reflects them. If your entrance is small go for a smaller but dramatic mirror that will fit with the whole setup of your entryway, if you have more space to spare then dare to go big and make your mirror the focal point. Another tip is to use several mirrors and frames hung on one side of the wall to create effective art and to stream light in.
Below are image samples of the effects of mirrors in a narrow and large hall entrance way.

Bright and Welcoming Hallway
Advantage Basements London

Dramatic and Must Have Hallway entrance mirrors.


2. Painted walls or wallpapered:

Neutral colours are best and more inviting for a stylish classic and inviting entrance way. However, some people prefer darker colours. to make darker colours on your walls work well for you, it has to contrast with everything else in that space. For example if you have black walls then keep the door crisp white and the line straight. If you want to only paint the walls, then choose your colours wisely, because darker colours tend to make darker hallways. If you are looking to wall paper your entrance hall, how about just papering one side of the wall alone, doing two walls in the same colour or pattern can make your hallway seem very busy and not as classy.
You could also consider painting your walls in a colour of your choice and then adding framed large wall panels with a wallpaper of your choice as the focal point that is, if you have the space. Doing this will create and give a luxurious and opulence feel to your entrance. To successfully do this, ensure your walls are painted in a neutral colour, so you can contrast it with a darker coloured panelled wallpaper or vice versa.
Another idea is to wallpaper the top half of both walls and paint the bottom half in a matching or complementing colour. If you do not have enough space for book shelves you may want to go for a wallpaper that gives the illusion of books on shelves to make you seem like the book worm

Below are sample images of neutral coloured painted hallways and wall papered hallways.

Classic Coastal Colonial Foyer
T Eatons Loft Entrance
South London Victorian Home
Wall paper inspiration ideas, click on image for price.

Entranceway wall


3. Lighting: Hallway lightning is very important to the overall setup of your hallway, not only as a functionality but also a statement piece. As you know, first impression counts so your light should be all about wowing and making your guest gasp.
If you have the space and height, then, placing a chandelier that cascades down into your hallway, big enough to make an impact speaks of luxury and opulence. However, if you don’t have the height and space then a repetitive ceiling light pattern might be the way to go to create drama.
When it comes to lighting any room, it is important to incorporate ambient, task and accent light and this applies even in your hallway. If you have the space for a console table (Which we would discuss latter on in this post) then, add a dramatic table lamp. Most hallways do
not have windows, so ensure you have enough light to brighten and light up your hallway. All in all, do not forget to choses a light that is in keeping with the style of your home.

Westbourne Grove, London
Cavendish House, London
Kensington Penthouse

Must have Lighting Hallway inspiration ideas, click image for price.



4. Rugs, Runners or Tiles: Whichever one you are thinking of going for should not only be durable and stylish but easy to clean as well.
If everything else is neutral, or too dark add colour to your hallway by either using a colourful tile for drama or a bright rug to brighten up your entrance and make it more inviting. The rug or tile you choose could also act as a connector to other designs in the rooms leading into your hallway so choose carefully so that it ties in with the overall setup of your home.
Putting rugs in your hallway generally warms up your space, making it more intimate. For tiles, use patterned tiles and tie the colour in with your theme or stair carpet to create an impactful stunning entrance.
Note if you are using patterned tiles, it is important to keep your walls simple so that your floor can become the focal point. As you know, too much of everything is bad, so keep it classy and tasteful. Also remember if using tiles, that tiled floors can become slippery when water accidentally pours on it or if wet shoes and umbrellas are allowed to spill on the floor so ensure your tiles are dry at all times to avoid accidents.

Lehi, House of Turquoise Blog, Featured Article
Trinity road
Shelgate Road
Beach House
Malvern East

Rugs, Runners and tiles Inspiration Ideas. Click on image for price

5. Console tables: Console tables are important additions to any hallway. If you have a very narrow hallway, use a slim console that doubles as a storage system underneath to hide away slippers and shoes. Console tables are useful for keeping unopened letters, keys, hallway telephones, vases for decoration and even a table lamp. If you can’t get a console table with storage, it’s alright, just get yourself a basket that fits under it, to house all your stuff away. Every console table should be carefully placed under a stunning mirror or art work for visual effect and uniformity. If you have more space to play with then, splurge on a thicker and more dramatic console.

Beach House - New Construction
Old Joinery Workshop

Hallway console inspiration ideas. Click image for price.

Living room.

 5 Tips on How to Décor your Living Room
Family Fun Meets Moody Members Club
Are you planning on revamping your space? Or have you just moved to a new house and you are looking to put your stamp on it but don’t know where to begin, well look no further, because help is at hand.

Home decoration can be a joy, especially when you’ve found the house you want to make a home. As we all know a house is just a house until you put your own stamp on it. Making a house a home is all about beautifying your home to go with your personality and the amount of love you bring into it with your family. As long as you have your loved ones around you constantly sharing your space with you, you will be encouraged to want to make the space you share more comfortable and inviting. So that no matter where you find yourself in life, you will always look forward to returning home.

Home décor, is one of my creative passions in life, so today we are going to dive into a list of must have’s for any home to bring a touch of class and style to your living room space. On other posts, I will discuss  decorating tips for  kitchen, bathroom, hallway and bedroom. Each room will discussed at length, however on this post, we will be focussing on the living room.

Without further ado, let talk about the living room. We all know that is the one place we host our guest. So not only do we have to put our stamp on it, we also have to make it a space that wow’s guest no matter one’s inspirations, taste or personality.

5 Tips to make your living room fabulous for you.

1.       Walls: 

Whether you want your walls painted or wall papered, deciding the colour pallet is always very important to how the rest of the furnishing will fit together.  I advice that you do not overpower your walls with too much drama. Take for example, you are thinking of painting your walls red, we all know that red is a powerful colour. Make sure you do not drench all your walls in that colour, you might want to choose a segment of the room and paint it red, using it as your focal point. Too much of something is always bad, so bear that in mind when choosing the colours for your walls. Also, it is important to know that just because you love a colour and you think it’s great, doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be splashed all over your walls. You can cleverly introduce that colour with soft furnishings, ornaments, wall arts and lamp shades. 

Another things is that, if you love patterns, just like paintings your walls, don’t overpower your house with too much of it. I have seen some homes with flower pattern wall papers, and flower pattern rugs, and flower pattern cushion covers. That is just way too much, it will not add class to your space. There are several ways with which you can do this, but I will only give and discuss three tips in which you may add your patterns.

a.       Use patterned curtains: Use your curtain to add the pattern you have in mind, but leave your walls alone.

b.       Use patterned rugs: Compliment your curtains with a patterned rug, if you want to continue with the theme.

c.       Add patterned cushions: mixing patterned cushions with plain cushions will further compliment your space without supress the overall look of your space.

Below are pictures of patterned curtains, paintings and cushions that may interest you, plus images of how to implement the tips stated above.

Click images for price.


New French Country
Country Home Kent

Click here to see more

2.       Lighting: The right lighting will speak volume, to really create the perfect ambience for your room, it is important that you have a good mix of lighting. Whether you are a chandelier kind of person or you just want simple lighting around you. Investing in different shades of lights will definitely bring warmth to your home. Without good lightning, your décor can’t truly come to life. Using light to create different moods in your living room is essential to your décor as it can transform the entire atmosphere of your space.

Therefore you should always consider using light functionally to illuminate your room and to set a mood according to what you desire or crave is very important and should be considered as early as when you start decorating. If you are one for colour lighting, then choose colour bulbs that will create that effect. Use warm colour bulbs to bring warmth to your room. Also consider using lighting that will bring your artwork or feature wall into focus to further accentuate them. This tip can be applied to all rooms in your home. As exemplified in the picture below.

Heather Garrett Design

3 lightning ideas that will wow your space.
a. Chandelier: Chandelier’s speak of grandeur, if you want to bring a little luxury and opulence feel to your home, then having a chandelier hanging on the ceiling is one way to do that. Whether your décor is traditional or modern, using a chandelier definitely fits well into any type of décor. Example of how you can use chandelier in a modern or traditional living room is imaged below.

Chandelier inspiration ideas. Click on image for price.




Custom Home
b. Floor lights:  Using floor lights placed in corners to lightning and warm up the corners of your room can also add a wow factor to your room. Depending on the mood you want created and the colour of the bulb, for functionality or warmth. You may also want the floor lamp next to your reading chair for easy reading. You can turn off all other lights and watch TV with your loved ones creating a warm and peaceful space for you and your family.
Living Room
c. Table lights: Couple a pair of table lamps on your console tables, cabinets or end tables for a formal look. If you would like things a bit less formal, then scatter the lamps about in your room, the effect will still be lovely when all other lights are turned off and they only bring your room into focus.
Floor and Table lights inspirations. Click on image for price and info.


3. Furnishings:
When choosing the right furniture for your space,  there are three things to always bear in mind, comfort, longevity, and style. The sofa you chose should be comfortable, whether you are a leather sofa lover or a fabric  sofa lover. It is also important to think about the colour of the sofa you want, if you already have powerful feature wall then it is advisable that you use a neutral colour sofa. If you are going for black or brown, then you must use brighter colour cushions and throws to give life to your seating. Brown and blacks can be dull if used on their own, why not try combining and complimenting your sofa with another colour sofa or a pair of armchairs to improve your space. Also you can add a chaise lounge to your furnishings to add instant sophistication to your décor.
Marlborough Mansions
Ryan Residence
Back Bay Project
Sofa  and Chaise and armchairs inspirations. Click image below for price and info.

4 Rugs and carpets:

The colour of the rug you use, will decide how everything comes together in the end, for a small living room space, consider using grey or other neutral colours to open up your space.  Also making sure the rug stands alone is important, meaning it stays at the centre of the room not touching the base of the room. Rugs are also useful for demarcating rooms or connecting spaces together in an open plan living space. You can also use flat-weave rugs for highly-used rooms. For families with young children, who play on the floor,  use a low-pile carpet with a premium underlay to create a soft and cushy comfortable space for them.

Robledo Residence - Living Room
Southampton Residence
Rugs and carpets inspirations click on image for price.

5: Throws and Cushions: Choosing the right colour cushion and throws go a long way to complete the look you are going for. If you already have neutral furnishings, use cushions to pop colour into your space or to tone down a bright coloured sofa. However, be careful not to introduce colours that do not go with your theme as that will definitely unbalance everything.
Funky and Fun Living Room
Cushion and Throws inspiration ideas. Click on the image for price.

If you read this post to this point, I want to thank you for investing your time and I am sure by now you would have found great ideas on how to put your room together and make it a statement piece. Subscribe now so you not miss the next post on decorating your interiors.