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5 Best tips to perfectly choose your rug

5 Best Tips to perfectly choose your rug.

Designing your home should be fun, not only that, when you are done, your interiors should be a conversation starter. Therefore, it is very important to think about the pieces you will be adding to your designs.   It doesn’t matter if you want to start designing because you have a home makeover project or you are considering doing this as a business.  There are many things such as remodelling, decoration, refurbishment and simple repairs  that can transform your space into your dream home. Also, there are many steps to consider before designing, for example, how much space you have for the design you have in mind, what step or element you will first consider that will help tie in your chosen features so that nothing is clashing and how to personalise features in your building with your chosen design. All this and many more will be discussed in later post. Before we get into it, if you are considering design projects for your home or you want to change path in your career then you may want to click here for discounted courses in interior designs.  Where you will get a through education on interior designs  with more than 80% savings, and you can learn at your own pace.

This post is on 5 best tips to ensure you have the perfect rugs. I am assuming at this stage you have already completed most of your design and this bit is about adding statement elements and final finishing that will shout out your talent.

Rugs are not just something to step on, and help cushion your feet, they can also be a statement piece, that brings warmth to any room, and help tie all your interior designs together so that they all sing in harmony.
Now let’s begin, depending on the stage of your project, if you have everything else in place, then getting the perfect rug shouldn’t be hard.

1 Use your cushions:

You can pick out the colour for your rug based on the colour of your cushions. If the cushion is patterned, then choose a rug that is not so busy and vice versa. If your cushions are plain, then go for a patterned rug and keep everything else neutral so that the rug can shine and become the focal point. You can still add a few patterned accessories like vases, wall arts to lift your space but be careful not to overload with too much patterns. For kitchens and bedrooms, ensure you use neutral colours on your walls and cupboards so that when you do introduce a patterned rug whatever the colour, it will take centre stage.

2 Decide with your curtains:

Pick a colour from the curtain, if your curtain is patterned then it is advisable to choose a bold colour from the curtain, when deciding the perfect rug for your project but do not forget to ensure that your rug isn’t heavily patterned. If your Curtain is plain, then go for the full works and make that rug the centre of attention.

3 Let your sofa help you:

Same as the curtains and the cushion, you can pick out the perfect rug for your project based on your sofa. Some people like to use the same colour of the sofa for their rugs to stay safe, if they aren’t sure what to do. That can be boring, and if you must use the same colour, go for a different shade. If your sofa is darker in colour, use a lighter shade of the same colour for your rug and vice versa. There are a few exceptions to that rule, don’t use red on red, white on white, or black on black as you cannot get the contrast that will make your design pop out like it should. If you must use black, red or white, then go for patterned rugs to create contrast and style. If you have a patterned sofa, then keep the rug simple. If you wish to add the same colour of sofa to your rug, then consider adding other colours in your sofa collection to soften the look.

4 Your Walls can help too:

Keep the walls neutral if you are looking to make your rug into a statement piece, I have said this in other examples. If you must have colours on your walls, then pick quiet colours, like deep grey, navy blue, they are strong colours but will help boost your design when it comes to choosing the right rug and keep everything else simple. You could also stick to neutral colours on your walls and use wall arts to accessories and add colours that tie in with your chosen rug.

5 Size Matters:

Size matters when deciding the perfect rug for any room, Larger rugs that allows all your furniture to rest comfortably can give the illusion of space and help define your space, especially if you have an open plan design. This should be applied also in any room, whether dinning room, sitting room or bedroom or office space.

Here are a few inspirations for you.

Conclusion: With this amazing tips you will be able to put together any room and find the perfect rug for any design project. Remember, this applies to any room you are looking to create. I hope you find these tips helpful and I wish you a fun time designing your space. And if you are wanting more professional help to help you start your design business or just for personal knowledge why not click here  and choose a course you desire, you won’t regret you started.