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5 Top Tips To Make Your Skin Glow

Everyone wants a smooth and flawless looking skin. No matter what your skin condition is, these 5 top tips will help you get that smooth flawless looking skin that will make you the envy of your peers.

However, there are a huge range of beauty products out there that promise wrinkle-free, pore less skin. But as we all know, it’s not very easy to find the product that actually helps to nourish our skin and correct the imperfections and damages we have incurred over the years through the use of these products and damages inflicted on us by the environment (Sun, weather). Finding the right skin care routine for your skin type, age and ethnicity can be very stressful.
This post is written  with all these in mind to help you get flawless skin. To learn more on how to make your skin glow (for every skin type), and create your own personal beauty regimen, click here. As you may already be aware, not everything can be covered in a post, so if you want to expand your knowledge on helping your skin glow or even learning to start your own beauty business then enrol here for skin care routines and treatments that works.

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Get ready to start glowing!

If you live in the west, where the sun is like a precious gem, then you know that when the summer  months come, we all get tempted to wear the smallest outfit available in order to soak in the sun. As lovely as the sun is, if one is not careful, it can dry out the skin and even do untold damage to one’s health. For those that live in tropical countries, these 5 top tips to keep your skin looking smoking hot, will help you gain a better tone, and give you a good healthy glow if followed right.

Okay, let’s get to it.

First tip. Exfoliate

The first thing to do, to get your skin looking supple is to  exfoliate, there are a lot of good soaps and creams out there that will help you get a good exfoliation.  Exfoliating is a must if you want your skin to glow and shine. When old skin cells pile up unchecked, it will leave your skin looking dull and dry. These, old skin, becomes dead skin cells  which then can result in excess oil and that will then clog your pores,  which then leads to your skin getting blemishes and acne.

You may want to start out with just your face, but if you want your whole skin looking flawless, then it is important to exfoliate from head to toe. Doing this 2-3 times a week, will help you get rid of dead skins and you will see and feel your skin become more even and soft to the touch. Try out products, read reviews, because you have to use the right product for your skin. I will list of 5 top online casinos exfoliant you can try out, based on the reviews of those who have used them including myself to help you make up your mind.

If you are using a cream, exfoliant with lactic acid as the active agent are best for sensitive skin and can help even out your skin tone. Always read reviews, they are important in helping you decide what product is best for you. If you want your skin to even out quicker then you may want to try exfoliant with glycolic acid. It is more harsher on the skin though so be warned.

5 Top Facial Exfoliator: For amazing results, these five facial exfoliators are one of the top exfoliators for  sensitive, normal, dry, and oilier skin. You are sure to find something that will help soothe your skin best and help even out your tone so that your skin can start shining and glowing.

 Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face – 1 oz:

        1.  Helps remove rough & dry patches– Accelerates skin cell turnover– Skin appears sleeker & brighter. Mix with a cleanser of your choice or warm water for best result.

        2. REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask: Smells great, it fights congestion, blackheads and blemishes for brighter, spotless, healthier and more youthful radiant skin. Ideal for mature skin

3.  Alpha-H Liquid Gold (100ml): Perfect as an overnight facial: It helps tobrighten and revitalise tired, ageing skin and improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, open pores and pigmentation. Recommended for mature, thickened, sun damaged skin or for any complexion that’s lost its vitality and youthful radiance.

4. Pixi Glow Tonic with Aloe Vera & Ginseng, 8 oz: For glowing complextion, it tightens and firms, sensitive,oily, normal, dry, dull, and aging skin.

5. ELEMIS Gentle Rose Exfoliator – Smoothing Skin Polish: Perfect for sensitive skin and smell great.

For all over body exfloliant:

2) Exfoliating Body Lotion – 12% Lactic Acid body lotion: Provides immediate moisture and gentle exfoliation.

3)Fair & White Savon AHA Exfoliating and brightening soap, Body Lotion, with AHa Brightening cream.

4)Best Organic Exfoliating Body Scrub – “Soothing Lavender”

5) Pure Body Naturals Coconut Milk Body Scrub with Dead Sea Salt, Almond Oil and Vitamin E for All Skin Type, 12 oz.

 Second Tip: Rebuild skin:

While exfoliating is essential for a youthful glow it is also important to skin build after exfoliating. Using a good moisturizer will help you achieve  just that.  As you scrub off dead skin, newer skin will appear, you need to allow the new cells time to rebuild that is why, exfoliation should be done 2 to 3 times a week. An aloe Vera based lotion  with shea butter and coconut oil are the go to creams to help give your skin a good balance. They also help revive sunburn if you have any from constant exposure to the sun.

Third Tip. Sunscreen:

Always use a sunscreen with SPF from 30 to 50. I cannot emphasize this enough, the sun as we all know can cause skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, discoloration etc so you see the importance of protecting your skin from the sun even on cloudy days ensure you have your sunscreen. Especially ones with zinc, as it deflects the sun from your skin.

Fourth Tip. Always limit your sun exposure.

Use a good cap or hat to keep the sun at bay, after putting on a good sunscreen to , bounce off the effect of the sun, it is important that while getting your tan on and a good much needed vitamin D,  you also need to be careful not to over  expose  your skin to the sun as it will probably destroy all the good work you’ve put into making your skin youthful. Also if need be on very sunny days, use an umbrella, your skin will thank you for it.
Fifth Tip. Use a good serum. Using a good serum such as snail or vitamin C serum will help your skin rejuvenate quicker, it helps even out skin tones, brighten and fight fine lines and makes your skin glow. For best result, use it at night or put your snail serum on as an overnight mask. There are very good Vitamin C serum out there, always read reviews before starting out a product. I have used quite a few  vitamin C serums and will be posting my reviews on each product soon. I have just started with the snail serums and creams and will allow a few weeks before posting reviews on those as well.
I hope all these tips will help you manage, rebuild and smoothen  your dull skin and make you youthful and hot all season long. Now remember to drink lots of water (Not more than necessary to ensure your body’s homeostasis is maintained), as beauty can only be achieved both inside and out, also there are vitamins that have antioxidants that when added to your regime will help you glow.
Don’t for get theses are just basic tips, for more in-depth knowledge on how to make your skin glow click here to enrol .


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