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5 Small Garden Ideas

Woman showing home grown vegetables at home in the garden
Image showing home grown vegetables at home in the garden

Have you been dreaming of growing your own food and designing your garden yourself but you do not know how to go about it?
Or are you after ideas to create your own urban farming? Do you have a small backyard, and can’t figure out how and what plants to grow to maximize your garden space and to also create a visually stunning garden that will please your heart?
Well look no further, we are going to be discussing, 5 small garden ideas, and tips on how to grow your garden into a delightful space you will want to relax in time after time. We would also be looking at garden furniture’s and decorations to make your garden pop.
Whether you are after a modern garden, a traditional garden, we would be giving you ideas and tips on how to grow your own flowers from seedlings, to beautify your space and make it a place that delights you.
I recently fell in love with gardening, I have a small backyard and I wanted to make it a delightful place for relaxation, while growing crops and flowers that will benefit my family and give us a sense of fulfilment.
Needless to say, I did my research, then I bought my seedlings, planters and pots, compost, and all the tools needed for the job and got started. When I first began, I didn’t know what I was doing but I was bent on making my garden beautiful. Also I wanted to share the experience with my children, so I got each of them a planter and the seed they desired and got them involved in the process.
Why Gardening? There are a lot of things to be gained from involving one’s self in gardening.
It is said that gardening as a whole helps decrease an individual’s stress level. It has a large impact on one’s social and emotional well-being while improving the persons overall mental state. Getting involved with nature through gardening, gives a sense of relaxation and calmness and a peaceful place to retreat to, in this highly populated cities. Whether you live in a city or in the country, the same benefits can be gained when one results into gardening.
Also, eating and feeding the produce of one’s effort to one’s family and friends also brings about fulfilment, while saving you cash at the same time. Not only do you save cash, if you grow crops or fruits, you also know where your food is coming from which means improved health and nutritious food. We all know that the daily intake of fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of some chronic diseases and cancer. Not to talk of the increased flavour you get from your produce compared to store bought ones who might have been grown with many chemicals. Like I said, there are many benefits and positives to growing your own plants, if I should list them all, we won ‘t have time to get into our main discussion which is small garden ideas. To read more on the benefits of gardening click here. or read Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer.
Why not read these bestselling books on growing and designing your own urban agriculture?
The Urban Farmer: Growing Food for Profit on Leased and Borrowed Land.

Food and the City: Urban Agriculture and the New Food Revolution.

Homesteading The Easy Way Including Prepping And Self Sufficency

This sense of fulfilment in growing your own crops also applies if you are just after developing a small garden space in your backyard for flowers to simply beautify your home and you won’t have to worry so much about having time to manage your garden if you have a busy life style because small gardens are perfect for people like you.

Aloe Test Garden

5 Small Garden Design Ideas:
Designing a small garden space into a tranquil area while also meeting your plantation needs can be somewhat challenging but don’t worry, I have come up with five design ideas you can implement that can help turn your small space into a place that gives you an impactful and calming bliss.

House patio with umbrella's table and chairs
House patio with umbrella’s table and chairs

1. Every small space needs to be maximized to its fullness therefore, it is imperative to be clever when decorating. Depending on what you want to achieve and how much space you have, decorating with plenty of potted plants that hold your crops for example a row of pots growing cherry tomatoes, or lemons will add colour and beauty to your garden while also serving as food for your home. Add a mixture of tall potted plants around the edge of your garden if your garden is overlooked to give you privacy and make you feel enclosed. Don’t worry if your space is just a tiny balcony, still use potted plants for seclusion and to create an oasis for relaxation.

Pots of cherry tomato plants growing in greenhouse
Pots of cherry tomato plants
San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2009: Edible Deck Garden

2. Use deep and big wooden bedded planters carefully placed on the side of your backyard for crops like potatoes and carrots, cabbage or even onions to give you more space for that important garden furniture for family dining. Also you can place pots growing peppers on windowsills if space is really tight, while adding hanging baskets for your beautiful summer flowers. You can also add height to your scenery by using raised planters with strong trellis walls to support your plants.

JD Garden, Hillsborough
Garden corner design
Garden corner design
Cabbage grow in home vegetable garden. Photo by Rafael Ben-Ari/Chameleons Eye
Cabbage grown in home vegetable garden.

3. Consider adding decking or paving stones if you are going for a modern finish. You could also add terracotta tiles if you are after a Spanish look or artificial grass and turf for a natural, lush, low maintenance look. You could also opt for colourful gravel flooring for a contemporary easy to keep garden.

Modern Garden Design. Wood and Stone. Gardening Theme.
Modern Garden Design. Wood and Stone. Gardening Theme.

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4. Choose garden furniture’s that have storage space and are statement pieces as long as they speak to your personality just like you would do in your living room and decorate with comfortable cushions and throws to make your space even more welcoming. If you have space to spare, why not add a swing into the mix for pure pleasure and then complement with a colourful outdoor rug to make your space even more warm and cosy and the perfect extended outdoor living area. If your space is super small, why not decorate use a small round table and two chairs for that outdoor dining experience.

Green garden and swing set
Green garden and swing set

5. If you love the soothing sound of water in your garden why not splurge on a small water feature and place it on the side for tranquillity, why not if you can afford it. Or create your own water feature, it’s really easy to do. Click here to find out how to create your own water feature.

small residential paved garden water feature or waterfall
small residential paved garden water feature or waterfall.

Add a gazebo, to make it more intimate and to create roofing protecting your furniture’s from harsh weather. Introduce clever lightings to give your garden a warm welcoming atmosphere for intimate fellowship with your family.

5 Tips on how to raise your seeds and seedlings.
1. Good soil preparation. Preparing the soil is very important to growing healthy plants and flowers. Loosen the soil and mix well with compost and rake it the surface making sure the soil is porous enough for water retention.
2. Do not cover the seed to deep: Planting the seed very deep will not allow the plant to spring up to life easily. Always read the packet of your seedlings and follow the specific instructions.
3. Pull out weeds at the early stage: Leaving the weeds to grow with your plants, will only result in your plants having less nutrients and not growing as healthy as you would want them so take control as soon as you d=see those unwanted weeds and pull them out.
4. Feed your plants: The compost and soil will lose nutrients and your plants will definitely need plants food to grow healthily, if you do not want chemicals try adding manure fertilizer, they are not as fast as the chemicals plants food but they will definitely nourish your plants.
5. Be overprotective: Support growing plants, some flowers such as sunflowers many need to be tied to stakes to offer support from ash rainstorms. Test the soil, do not over water and do not allow the soil to become dry before feeding your plants water and fertile nutrients.

5 must have Garden furniture’s and decorations

  1. A comfortable seating designed for ultimate relaxation. Whether you have a large family or not, if you have the space getting a good outdoor garden furniture that can bear the brunt of the weather without damaging is important. To have a good time with family, or for alfresco dining with friends a good value for money furniture that will liven your outdoor living is a must.

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Merax 4 PCS Patio Rattan Furniture Set Cushioned Outdoor Garden Wicker Rattan furniture with Beige Cushion.

If you have more money to splash, why not go for Keter Corfu 4 Piece Set All Weather Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture w/ Cushions, Charcoal



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2. Every garden must have a good storage system, to store away every bits of garden tools and equipment’s, toys, blankets and cushions in order to ensure a ordered, structure well presented oasis. That’s where this strong weather resistant storage comes in, it can also double up as additional outdoor seating when you host  a gathering.

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3. A sturdy canopy, to keep the harshness of weather away. Even if your furniture’s can resist the weather, your skin would thank you on those sunny or raining days. Making your garden into an oasis requires that you have a covering that will also give you a sense of seclusion and a place to retrieve to for relaxation after the hurdles of the day.

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4. Cushions and throws: Having soft cushions and throws to snuggle up to increases the temptation to remain in your garden longer as they increase your comfort and relaxes you while you enjoy the all important outdoor breeze.
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5.  Lighting: No garden can be complete without clever lighting to turn it into a magical den when the sun finally sets. The light is a warm sun ray like colour and is especially pretty at night with most of your ambient lights off, it pretty much sets the scene further giving your garden space the oasis aura and tranquil space you are after.

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